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TRF Talk Radio

Easy access to talks for remote members of the Revival Fellowship

Hear testimonies about what God is doing in people's lives

Enjoy a selection of talks cycled over 24 hours

Listen to ministry from around the world

Instant edification on long car trips

Live Broadcasts
(times are GMT +8)

Busselton Summer Camp 2019 Broadcasts

 Programme10:30am 7:30pm 
 Mon 23 Bible StudyNo Meeting 
 Tue 24 Bible Study Concert
 Wed 25 No Meeting Concert
 Thu 26 Bible Study Concert
 Fri 27 Bible Study Concert
 Sat 28 No Meeting Concert
 Sun 29 Communion 11am Concert
 Mon 30 Bible Study Concert
 Tue 31 Bible Study NYE Concert

We broadcast the Bunbury Revival Fellowship meeting live on: 

Wednesday night at 7.45 pm
Sunday morning at 10.30 am
Sunday afternoon at 1.45 pm

Please note that the talk in progress will be interrupted for the live broadcast 

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